Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

We focus on mechanical, electronics and software design of flexible, small and cheap autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles. Current research efforts include design and development of novel aerial platforms that can perform aggressive maneuvers, group coordination and cooperative control of multiple UAVs, and development of real-time image mosaicing algorithms for UAVs.


Visual Surveillance

We develop robust object detection, tracking and video mosaicing algorithms for a variety of applications including multi camera surveillance systems and situational awareness for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).



 Visual Servoing

Visual servoing refers to the closed-loop control of robotic systems using visual feedback. We have been developing visual servoing algorithms for various robotic platforms such as the Mitsubishi PA10 robotic arm, mobile robots, a direct drive SCARA robot and a microassembly workstation.



Wind Energy Systems

We have been designing, developing, prototyping and testing novel wind turbine systems. In particular, we have modeled the whole turbine system including aerodynamic, mechanical and electrical subsystems both in S4WT and MATLAB, and developed control techniques to simulate the behavior of the system under various scenarios.


Autonomous Multi-Robot Systems

Autonomous multi agent systems have attracted interest of many research groups throughout the world in the last two decades. We have been developing novel coordination and control techniques to describe interactions between the robots in a group. Collisions are avoided by  virtual shells around the robots. Current research efforts include but not limited to the group coordination and cooperative control of heterogenous robots such as UAVs and UGVs.